Our Business Practice

Our business practice spans the representation of businesses and their owners from start-up through sale or ownership succession.  We help owners get their businesses off to the right start through entity choice, formation, tax treatment elections, and director and officer appointment.  We also help owners proactively consider events that may impact their business and ownership, such as a sale of shares by an owner.

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Business Operations, Transactions, Contracts, and Corporate Governance

We assist and advise businesses in a broad range of legal matters that arise in the course of operations, including contracts, licenses, employment matters, leasing, transactions, and financing.  It is also important that corporations comply with legal governance matters, such as holding shareholder meetings; we provide advice and counsel in these areas.

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Business Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes arise in the course of business.  There may be a contract beach, or a customer may not pay what is owed.

We help businesses when disputes arise, with a focus on helping businesses resolve matters in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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