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Our family law practice is devoted to providing trusted and affordable representation to clients in matters involving:

Our Fees

We understand that clients are naturally concerned about legal fees.  We discuss our fees with clients at the outset of a matter, and encourage clients to ask us any questions that they may have about our fees for their matter at any time.

In the context of many family law matters, including property division and parenting time matters arising from a divorce, we rely on years of legal experience in working towards achieving the desired outcomes of our clients in an expeditious manner through negotiation, mediation, and creative problem-solving.  Resolution of these matters between divorcing spouses (and their counsel) outside of the trial process will usually result in the best and most cost-effective solution for the spouses (and usually for any children involved).

In some situations, a trial may be the only route to a favorable resolution.   In these situations, we work with clients to involve them in the preparation for trial and the trial process so that both our firm and the client are well prepared if a trial is necessary.

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