Our Criminal Defense Practice – Serving Scottsburg, Scott County, and Southern Indiana

A fundamental tenant of our democracy is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  An arrest does not change this tenant.

We provide representation for virtually all types of misdemeanors and felonies, ranging from misdemeanors to Level 1 felonies (the most serious felonies), including:

Everyone deserves a solid, aggressive defense by attorneys working hard to preserve legal innocence.  We provide this defense and protect the rights of our clients by challenging the prosecution’s assertions and witnesses, seeking to have evidence excluded when there is a basis for doing so, and working with our clients to determine the best legal strategy for their case.

Our Experience

We have significant experience in criminal defense.  In addition to representing firm clients, two of our attorneys have also served for years as public county defenders.  Firm partner Jennifer Lewis has served as a public defender for Scott County since 1999, and since 2004 she has been the public defender administrator, responsible for assigning cases to 8 other attorneys. Firm attorney Josh Stigdon has been a public defender for the past seven years, serving clients in Jefferson, Switzerland, and Scott Counties. Kerry Thompson is a former elected prosecutor for Scott County and Robert Houston is a former Deputy Prosecutor for Scott County. This experience gives us perspective from both sides of the criminal prosecution and is valuable in assessing possible defenses for the client.

Affordable and Trusted Representation

We discuss our fees with clients at the outset of every matter.  We also accept credit card payments for our fees.

Our firm has been trusted to provide experienced legal counsel in Scottsburg, Scott County and Southern Indiana for more than 40 years.  As part of our criminal defense representation, we explain the courses of action available to clients so that they can choose the course that is right for them.  Once a course of action has been selected, we work tenaciously in seeking to achieve the best outcome possible.

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The sooner that we can begin protecting your rights, the better your chances will be for a successful defense.  In instances in which representation is done on a fixed fee basis, it does not cost any more to retain our services at the outset of a matter.

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